Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

One of the good (and bad) features of using Docker and docker-compose is it’s ability to spin up virtual networks for your container stack. This encourages application isolation, and clear thinking about what network ports you need to expose from and between your containers. By default, Docker allocates a /16 subnet from the 172.[17-32].0.0 range for their network segments. Unfortunately, we use this range extensively … Continue reading Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

Wholesale NBN API Released

As part of our commitment to deliver a better experience for our wholesale customers, we’re pleased to announce the initial release of our Wholesale NBN API. Currently the REST based API allows our Wholesale RSPs to perform detailed service qualifications, including detail such as the NTD and expected attainable line speed. We’re rapidly adding support for new features, which will shortly include ordering, service lifecycle … Continue reading Wholesale NBN API Released