CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 Release

We’ve rolled out CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 to the Apple App Store and will be updating the Android release shortly via the Google Play Store. This build is a life cycle build, resolving some residual issues with iOS 16 and recent Android builds, and also removing some crashes in rare circumstances. We’ve also aligned the version numbers with one of our development systems to ensure a … Continue reading CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 Release

CloudPBX Mobile 1.2 Updates

The latest release of CloudPBX Mobile has been pushed to the Google Play store and Apple App Store. This release addresses a number of bugs relating to Bluetooth interaction, Push Notifications and a number of Bluetooth related features. It also paves the way for future improvements with relation to video calling. You can find it on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. … Continue reading CloudPBX Mobile 1.2 Updates