Connect with Konnect

We’re so excited to launch the beta of our Konnect portal. Konnect makes it simple for you to manage your services with Real World. We’ve exposed the tools our customers ask us for, and more. But words are one thing – and a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s get to showing what’s new! Getting in You connect to Konnect with your “CAT” … Continue reading Connect with Konnect

Stay in touch during lockdown

We know that the changes to stay-at-home-orders and lockdown restrictions across Australia are resulting in many businesses changing the way they work again. We’re really please to announce that we’ve launched new features into our CloudPBX and SIP Routing products to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers. Simpler Diversions We’ve added the ability to schedule “carrier level” diversions. This … Continue reading Stay in touch during lockdown

The Cool New Windows Admin Centre

Managing Windows has always been a bit of a pain. You need to log into servers, use Microsoft tools or use Third Party tools to check your server status, view health, install components and more. And then when you add desktops, life becomes even more complicated. This problem has given rise to a range of third party products and tools that work to make administering … Continue reading The Cool New Windows Admin Centre

AEM 5.7.0 Maintenance Release

Autotask, our Remote Support and Management Partner, have scheduled a system upgrade to version 5.7.0 later today. This update addresses a number of issues with the software platform and improves performance of our remote support and monitoring solution. Customers may notice the Real World agent restarting on their system during the course of update installation. Continue reading AEM 5.7.0 Maintenance Release