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CloudPBX not affected by 3CX Breach

Yesterday (30th March 2023) it became public that 3CX’s Desktop Client had been compromised by a malicious piece of malware, resulting in ransomware being installed on a number of 3CX Clients computers. 3CX has responded to this incident by issuing new code signing certificates and releasing new software builds, but have admitted they do not understand the extent of the breach. We know that this … Continue reading CloudPBX not affected by 3CX Breach

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Telstra to (actually) implement SPAM call blocking

Update: If you need to use a number that is owned by Telstra, you can request we whitelist the number in Telstra’s systems here. Around 18 months ago we wrote about changes Telstra was proposing to help combat SPAM calls. The original proposed changes were later shelved due to challenges in their proposed implementation. Telstra has confirmed they intend to proceed with this program from … Continue reading Telstra to (actually) implement SPAM call blocking

CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 Release

We’ve rolled out CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 to the Apple App Store and will be updating the Android release shortly via the Google Play Store. This build is a life cycle build, resolving some residual issues with iOS 16 and recent Android builds, and also removing some crashes in rare circumstances. We’ve also aligned the version numbers with one of our development systems to ensure a … Continue reading CloudPBX Mobile 3.1.2 Release

New CloudPBX Admin Login Experience

Next week we’ll be rolling out a new CloudPBX Admin Login experience, enabling two factor authentication and federated login. What’s new? CloudPBX’s legacy login system used a username and password to authenticate users. With this change, users will authenticate with their email address, and optionally using Google or Microsoft login. Credential sharing was quite common between users, and this change introduces enhanced security by tying … Continue reading New CloudPBX Admin Login Experience

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New CloudPBX Desktop Builds

We’ve release some updates to CloudPBX Desktop, in particular to address compatibility issues with Windows 11 22H2 and resolve some issues with Jabra headsets experienced by some users. You can download the latest builds using the details in this knowledgebase article. Full release notes are available here. We’ve also uploaded some of our basic documentation into our knowledge centre. Continue reading New CloudPBX Desktop Builds

Merry Christmas from Real World Group!

What a year it’s been. When we welcomed 2021, we didn’t expect the twists and turns that these 12 months have brought us – but we’ve finally made it to the end (almost!)! On behalf of our team, I would like to wish you a merry, blessed, and relaxed Christmas Season. Personally, Elizabeth and I would like to warmly thank you for your support this … Continue reading Merry Christmas from Real World Group!

Connect with Konnect

We’re so excited to launch the beta of our Konnect portal. Konnect makes it simple for you to manage your services with Real World. We’ve exposed the tools our customers ask us for, and more. But words are one thing – and a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s get to showing what’s new! Getting in You connect to Konnect with your “CAT” … Continue reading Connect with Konnect

Stay in touch during lockdown

We know that the changes to stay-at-home-orders and lockdown restrictions across Australia are resulting in many businesses changing the way they work again. We’re really please to announce that we’ve launched new features into our CloudPBX and SIP Routing products to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers. Simpler Diversions We’ve added the ability to schedule “carrier level” diversions. This … Continue reading Stay in touch during lockdown

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Changes to regulation on Voice Services

In a battle to combat SPAM and Scam calls, ACMA has advised that they will be introducing a new Industry Code to help reduce SPAM and Scam calls. We are writing to let you know about some important regulatory changes that require your attention. These changes create obligations for Carriers and Carriage Service Providers (C/CSPs) to help reduce scam calls in Australia. All C/CSPs, including … Continue reading Changes to regulation on Voice Services