Real World joins the MANRS initiative

On 18 October 2021 Real World (AS45437) joined the MANRS initiative to help improve network and routing security. Our engineering team are passionate about the security of the global internet, and this just reflects one part of our work in this space. The MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) initiative is a collection of network operators, hardware vendors, industry bodies and cloud providers who … Continue reading Real World joins the MANRS initiative

Introducing our Global Network

We’re super excited to announce the addition of our newest points of presence in Silicon Valley and Singapore, as well as our direct interconnection with one of the largest Tier 1 carriers in the world, Telia. Our network now boasts protected super low-latency paths to the US and Asia, with direct connectivity to the content you need the most. These changes reflect our ongoing commitment … Continue reading Introducing our Global Network

nbn got you down? You’re not alone…

Even though nbn can be a headache… … it doesn’t need to be. A recent report by the Australia Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) has highlighted that 42% of small businesses have complained about the nbn since connecting. Additionally, 40% of businesses have experienced “downtime” in their service, with one i seven businesses being left without phone or internet for over a month. These statistics … Continue reading nbn got you down? You’re not alone…

Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

One of the good (and bad) features of using Docker and docker-compose is it’s ability to spin up virtual networks for your container stack. This encourages application isolation, and clear thinking about what network ports you need to expose from and between your containers. By default, Docker allocates a /16 subnet from the 172.[17-32].0.0 range for their network segments. Unfortunately, we use this range extensively … Continue reading Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

Network Incident: 3rd July 2018

Earlier today we experienced two seperate but related network faults that affected a number of customers. We take the availability of our network very seriously, and with the the impact of these incidents being much larger than usual, we felt it warranted a post-mortem. At 11:15pm on Monday 2nd July, we performed some routine maintenance on our IPv6 network. Following the change, our engineering team … Continue reading Network Incident: 3rd July 2018