Fraud Alert! Fake invoice emails

We’ve been alerted to fraudulent e-mails being sent to people purporting to be from Real World asking for payment on fake invoices. The emails are coming from a fake email address with fake contact details. We’ve put together an article about how to spot the emails and what to do if you receive one. If you have any questions or are concerned, please contact our … Continue reading Fraud Alert! Fake invoice emails

Internet Route Security: a long way to go

[This article was originally posted by Andrew Yager on LinkedIn] The last week hasn’t been great for the global internet community from a routing security standpoint. From the news that Google’s traffic was accidentally routed through Russia (and Nigeria) to Telstra accidentally black-holing customer traffic yesterday morning, you could be forgiven for wondering how the internet functions at all. In a conversation with one of my colleagues on Wednesday, not … Continue reading Internet Route Security: a long way to go

Updated: Firefox Security Vulnerability

If you use Firefox as your web browser, you should update it now to version 50.0.2 (or a later one if it exists). Late last night, someone disclosed a vulnerability that is present in the ToR and Firefox web browsers on a public mailing list. This vulnerability may allow an attacker to run code on your computer if you visit an infected web site. You … Continue reading Updated: Firefox Security Vulnerability