Updated CloudPBX Mobile Beta

We’ve published an updated Beta for CloudPBX Mobile via TestFlight to our beta testing network. The new release offers some improvements to push notifications and application stability, as well as addressing some requirements for iOS 14 which will be released soon. If you would like to join the beta program to test the updated client, please get in touch. We also published an update for … Continue reading Updated CloudPBX Mobile Beta

Surface Go: Now Available for Pre-Order

Today, Microsoft released the Surface Go, a 10″ version of it’s popular Surface laptop. Starting at $599, the Surface Go is available for pre-order now. The screen is a PixelSense 10 Point Multitouch display with a 1800×1200 resolution. It includes an Intel Pentium Gold processor (4415Y) and 4GB RAM. The Surface Go has a 64GB internal storage, but with options for 128 and 256GB options … Continue reading Surface Go: Now Available for Pre-Order

CloudPBX Mobile is here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new SoftPhone app for our CloudPBX Platform, CloudPBX Mobile. CloudPBX Mobile enables users of the Real World CloudPBX to have a simple, hassle-free way to use their mobile phones as part of their business phone system. We’ve been using it internally for some time now and it’s made a massive difference to the way we work. The … Continue reading CloudPBX Mobile is here