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Telstra to (actually) implement SPAM call blocking

Update: If you need to use a number that is owned by Telstra, you can request we whitelist the number in Telstra’s systems here. Around 18 months ago we wrote about changes Telstra was proposing to help combat SPAM calls. The original proposed changes were later shelved due to challenges in their proposed implementation. Telstra has confirmed they intend to proceed with this program from … Continue reading Telstra to (actually) implement SPAM call blocking

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Don’t get caught out by Telstra’s network changes

This week Telstra have advised that they will be implementing new policies affecting the presentation of Telstra CLI numbers from networks that are not Telstra after 30th November. In the past, this type of behaviour was common in situations where a customer was trying to provide redundancy to their network, achieving a better call rate from another provider, or simply forwarding numbers through their phone … Continue reading Don’t get caught out by Telstra’s network changes

Stay in touch during lockdown

We know that the changes to stay-at-home-orders and lockdown restrictions across Australia are resulting in many businesses changing the way they work again. We’re really please to announce that we’ve launched new features into our CloudPBX and SIP Routing products to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers. Simpler Diversions We’ve added the ability to schedule “carrier level” diversions. This … Continue reading Stay in touch during lockdown

It’s all about mobility

For years I’ve been a “road warrior”. I pick up my laptop and it travels with me. I’m used to being on call 24×7, and keep in regular touch with the internet and any services I need to be able to deliver the services our customers expect. To make that work, we’ve had to develop tools, systems and processes which support our technical team, sales … Continue reading It’s all about mobility

nbn got you down? You’re not alone…

Even though nbn can be a headache… … it doesn’t need to be. A recent report by the Australia Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) has highlighted that 42% of small businesses have complained about the nbn since connecting. Additionally, 40% of businesses have experienced “downtime” in their service, with one i seven businesses being left without phone or internet for over a month. These statistics … Continue reading nbn got you down? You’re not alone…

Spotlight – The Little Lost Bookshop

Down the back of a hidden plaza is Katoomba’s newest gem. You might be forgiven if you didn’t see it there. It’s a little lost. But this small, locally owned book shop is anything but. Karl Grice, owner, writes: Sometimes when I’m packing for a trip, I feel quite sure I have forgotten something, but I can’t quite remember what it is. The Little Lost … Continue reading Spotlight – The Little Lost Bookshop

CloudPBX Mobile is here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new SoftPhone app for our CloudPBX Platform, CloudPBX Mobile. CloudPBX Mobile enables users of the Real World CloudPBX to have a simple, hassle-free way to use their mobile phones as part of their business phone system. We’ve been using it internally for some time now and it’s made a massive difference to the way we work. The … Continue reading CloudPBX Mobile is here