“Hey Cortana, can you change my password?”

Do you ever save passwords to a text file on your computer? If you do, then Cortana – Microsoft’s assistant for Windows 10 – may allow someone to gain access to your computer even while it’s locked. This flaw was patched in the Microsoft Patch update released yesterday. The security flaw relates to the fact that Cortana (which can be activated by saying Hey Cortana) … Continue reading “Hey Cortana, can you change my password?”

How to keep your data secure with a good password

Keeping your data safe has never been more important. Malware, viruses, botnets and more are targeting any user they can find to try and steal, encrypt or gain access to information. Your password is your first line of defence. With so much advice out there about passwords, we know it can be hard to work out what to do, and what the best practice guidance … Continue reading How to keep your data secure with a good password

Spam, Phishing and Email

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. And even more so when it comes to emails these days. The last few days have seen yet another re-emergence of specific SPAM messages from organisations such as Australia Post, Energy Australia, the Australian Tax Office, and the Australian Federal Police that are designed to trick normal, smart, and sensible people into opening them and compromising their computers. When … Continue reading Spam, Phishing and Email