Changes to outgoing calls using a Telstra number from 7th August 2023

This morning we have been informed about changes Telstra are making to call origination for all landline numbers from the 7th August 2023.

On the 2nd March, Telstra implemented an additional verification step when a Telstra mobile number was used to call the Telstra network, and the call was not seen to originate from the Telstra Network. Telstra reports that this has led to a 75% reduction in SPAM calls with a Telstra mobile number as the originating caller.

Telstra have now decided to expand the use of the IVR to Telstra held geographical numbers.

Telstra will commence the operation of IVR treatment for Telstra held geographical numbers on 7 August 2023.

The IVR treatment for Telstra held geographical numbers will operate in the same way as is currently the case for Telstra held mobile numbers:

  • Calls that originate on the Telstra network and return will be allowed. Where calls originate with Telstra CLIs on the Telstra network and are handed over to any other carrier, then returned to the Telstra Network at a domestic POI with the same CLI within a prescribed period (currently up to 2 hours), then the incoming calls would proceed without being sent to IVR.
  • While we encourage you to use numbers that are held by Real World to originate your calls, if you have genuine reason to use a Telstra held geographical number, it will be possible to whitelist the Telstra held CLI with the consent of the rights of use holder. Calls from whitelisted CLI will not be sent via the IVR. If you identify any such numbers, you may raise a request via our form. You will need to provide evidence that you are allowed to originate the numbers in question.

Use of IVR for high volume (suspicious calling pattern) events

Telstra are also using the IVR for other call cases, including non-Telstra held numbers where suspicious call patterns are identified. Use of the IVR in these cases is temporary. Calls from the identified number ranges will be sent to the IVR for a limited period of time (unless the suspicious calling pattern continues).

For more details about what the IVR menu will sound like, as well as how it will affect calls you can view our original blog post from earlier this year.

If you are a reseller partner, or a CSP, you have additional obligations under the CA C661:2020 Reducing Scam Calls Industry Code that has been in effect since October 2020. If you would like to discuss those, or how you can implement them within your environment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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