CloudPBX Mobile is here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new SoftPhone app for our CloudPBX Platform, CloudPBX Mobile.

CloudPBX Mobile enables users of the Real World CloudPBX to have a simple, hassle-free way to use their mobile phones as part of their business phone system. We’ve been using it internally for some time now and it’s made a massive difference to the way we work.

The app supports both iOS and Android, and will be available from the App Store in early June. You can give it a try now by joining the beta program.

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CloudPBX Mobile uses your mobile data connection (cellular or wifi) to make and receive calls. The iOS version uses push notifications to forward the calls to your mobile – which reduces the impact of running the soft-phone on your battery massively. The Android release with Push Notifications support is due late April.

But how good is it?

We’ve been using it on the road all around NSW, and it’s been fantastic. We took a road trip to Katoomba, have driven north to the Central Coast, used it all around Sydney and have even trialled it overseas. We’ve been happy with the call quality and performance of the app.

What does it do?

All of the standard things that we think we expect are there:

  • Make and receive calls through CloudPBX
  • Voicemail and Call History
  • Hold, Transfer and Conference Calls
  • Record calls from within the app
  • Push Notifications for inbound calls (iOS only)
  • Mobile (Cellular) Data and WiFi support

Some of the more technical details:

  • The app uses TLS encryption to talk to CloudPBX, so call dialogs and credentials are secure
  • Video calling is supported (although this is still very experimental)
  • A range of standard and wideband codecs are supported. Opus Support will be available later this month. In the mean time we’ve found iLBC to work the best across mobile networks.
  • We don’t support call handoff between wifi and cellular at the moment. If you drop out of range the call will terminate.
  • iOS has CallKit integration, so your CloudPBX calls sync with your standard call history. You can return calls, or call a contact using the CloudPBX Mobile app.
  • We’ve used it with Apple Car Play. There are a couple of audio release issues still hanging around, but we’re confident we’ll get them squashed soon.
  • A few of our staff have set up extension mobility so that they can move seamlessly between their mobile and desk phone, whereas others have kept it as a seperate extension. A number of us have our phones as part of our standard call queues.
  • White-Label Resellers are able to have their own version of the app built and released. There is a monthly fee, which covers the application code license and software updates. If you are interested – let us know!

We’re super excited about the ease of use, and the potential this offers our customers to innovate and do more. We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we have!

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