Gutenberg for WordPress is coming…

A few years ago we made the jump from Drupal to WordPress as the primary Content Management System (CMS) we deploy for our customers. While Drupal is still our ideal choice for complex data based websites, WordPress brings a level of simplicity and power to the web publishing experience. While WordPress makes building websites easy, handling complex layouts has always been a challenge without additional … Continue reading Gutenberg for WordPress is coming…

Survey Extended! Share your knowledge for a chance to win!

A few weeks ago, we invited you to complete our survey on IT and Software Updates for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Now we’re giving you a few more days to share your thoughts (the survey now closes on Wednesday, 1st August 2018). In case you missed it, here’s the recap:   What do you know about IT updates? IT and … Continue reading Survey Extended! Share your knowledge for a chance to win!

Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

One of the good (and bad) features of using Docker and docker-compose is it’s ability to spin up virtual networks for your container stack. This encourages application isolation, and clear thinking about what network ports you need to expose from and between your containers. By default, Docker allocates a /16 subnet from the 172.[17-32].0.0 range for their network segments. Unfortunately, we use this range extensively … Continue reading Manage overlapping external subnets with Docker

Surface Go: Now Available for Pre-Order

Today, Microsoft released the Surface Go, a 10″ version of it’s popular Surface laptop. Starting at $599, the Surface Go is available for pre-order now. The screen is a PixelSense 10 Point Multitouch display with a 1800×1200 resolution. It includes an Intel Pentium Gold processor (4415Y) and 4GB RAM. The Surface Go has a 64GB internal storage, but with options for 128 and 256GB options … Continue reading Surface Go: Now Available for Pre-Order

Network Incident: 3rd July 2018

Earlier today we experienced two seperate but related network faults that affected a number of customers. We take the availability of our network very seriously, and with the the impact of these incidents being much larger than usual, we felt it warranted a post-mortem. At 11:15pm on Monday 2nd July, we performed some routine maintenance on our IPv6 network. Following the change, our engineering team … Continue reading Network Incident: 3rd July 2018

A new era for .au

Over the weekend we saw the biggest change to the .au domain name space. The operational control and management for .au has been migrated to Afilias, who currently manage over 25 of the global Top Level Domains (TLDs). The transition means that domain owners can now register domains for a range of time periods (from 1 year to 5 years) and benefit from reduced costs. … Continue reading A new era for .au

Wholesale NBN API Released

As part of our commitment to deliver a better experience for our wholesale customers, we’re pleased to announce the initial release of our Wholesale NBN API. Currently the REST based API allows our Wholesale RSPs to perform detailed service qualifications, including detail such as the NTD and expected attainable line speed. We’re rapidly adding support for new features, which will shortly include ordering, service lifecycle … Continue reading Wholesale NBN API Released

“Hey Cortana, can you change my password?”

Do you ever save passwords to a text file on your computer? If you do, then Cortana – Microsoft’s assistant for Windows 10 – may allow someone to gain access to your computer even while it’s locked. This flaw was patched in the Microsoft Patch update released yesterday. The security flaw relates to the fact that Cortana (which can be activated by saying Hey Cortana) … Continue reading “Hey Cortana, can you change my password?”