Dell EMC awards Real World the ranking of Gold Partner

Real World is excited to announce that we have been awarded Gold Partner Status for 2018 for Dell EMC for their full range of Service, Storage, Networking and Client Computer and Workstation products.

Partnering with Dell EMC ensures that we can deliver the highest quality solutions, products and services to our customers with industry leading hardware, software and technology solutions.

Whether it be industry leading storage solutions (such as the All Flash SC series arrays), compute solutions with 14th Generation Intel processors, modern workstations or the XPS laptop line — Dell’s market leading solutions are essential parts of the solutions we craft for our customers individual needs.

The Dell EMC metal status tier represents Real World’s commitment to the Dell EMC Brand, with over 200 hours of professional development and training required by Real World staff, as well as a number of certifications relating to Dell EMC hardware, software and products. It also reflects our experience in installing, managing and delivering a wide range of Dell EMC products for our clients.

For more information about how Real World can help you meet your IT and technology challenges, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 798 718 or email

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