Real World networks named a Statutory Infrastructure Provider

We don’t often talk about our Carrier Business, Real World Networks – but it turns out today we’ve made some waves, being announced by ACMA as one of 17 new Statutory Infrastructure Providers for Broadband Services in Australia.

Real World Networks works with Developers and Body Corporates to provide innovative broadband solutions to their buildings. With integrated TV solutions, Access Control, Security Systems (including number plate recognition, people counters) and a range of other services, Real World Networks can help body corporates deliver a range of services. Services are delivered as Fibre to the Premises, Ethernet to the Premises or VDSL.

Our network of RSPs are committed to delivering high quality customer service wherever we deploy solutions, and customers get the speed they pay for – right up to 1Gbps, at prices that are lower than the equivalent services available from NBN.

Real World Networks operates under Carrier License 386.

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