Shell Tools to simplify web development

Many web developers use a range of tools to streamline their development process. These tools simplify installing updates, installing packages, testing for errors and managing users.

Some of our favourite tools are drush for Drupal and wp-cli for WordPress. Both of these tools provide simple tools to manage sites, cache engines, user accounts, plugins and many more features. Commands like ‘drush up‘ and ‘wp plugin update --all‘ can save large amounts of time when updating, developing or managing your website.

While we’ve offered support for drush for some time, we’ve now made both of these tools available to developers on any of our web hosting plans including shell access. This is in addition to our standard features such as SSL on every site, Dynamic PHP version selection, CloudFlare integration, RailGun acceleration and more.

We are currently providing wp-cli version 1.5 and Drush 8.1.16.

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