nbn got you down? You’re not alone…

Even though nbn can be a headache…
… it doesn’t need to be.

A recent report by the Australia Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) has highlighted that 42% of small businesses have complained about the nbn since connecting. Additionally, 40% of businesses have experienced “downtime” in their service, with one i seven businesses being left without phone or internet for over a month.

These statistics are staggering in our modern day and age – but are sadly a reality of the current state of the National Broadband Network.

And unfortunately we’ve seen them all — faults that take weeks to be resolved, issues with installations being delayed, issues locating services, unexpected service interruptions, “theft” of services due to incorrect connections by other Retail Service Providers.

What can we do?

Real World Group helps our customers connect to the nbn reliably by:

  • connecting business nbn services to a new line, reducing the headaches of line theft, and allowing us to ensure the nbn is working before switching over
  • helping our customers assess whether nbn and its technology is right for their business. Many businesses don’t understand the risks of using nbn for all their business communications needs and are better served with Business Grade Ethernet
  • supporting business nbn services with backup 4G services with seamless IP failover, so downtime is seamless for end users
  • implementing reliable IP Telephony services with seamless failover to mobile using our CloudPBX mobile software

Get in touch

You can check whether your business is ready for nbn using our handy qualification tool, or get in touch with us on 1300 798 718.

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