This Week in Tech… #1

Welcome the the debut of our new weekly series “This Week in Tech”. This section will be a recap and summary of the most important, popular, and interesting Tech news and discussion, from the last week, from Real World Blog, and beyond!

Starting off with one of the largest topics of recent times, Facebook is revamping their privacy settings following major uproar, at the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which more than 50 million users of Facebook had their data collected and shared with Cambridge Analytica without their knowledge, and the Congressional Hearing surrounding this scandal. For more details see

To the relief of many System Administrators and IT departments, Windows has released Windows Admin Center to replace Server Manager and MMC. Windows Admin Center provides a simple web based and easy to use interface for accessing and managing your Windows services. Our rundown on this cool new software can be found here:, and the download for it can be found here:

Apple has unveiled their new iPhone recycling robot ‘Daisy’. The robot is able to disassemble nine different versions of the iPhone, and while doing so, sort all of their reusable components. It is able to take apart (and sort) 200 iPhones in an hour. This robot was unveiled very near to earth day, likely because of its purpose in improving reusability and sustainability. ( )

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has reported a surge in complaints about services delivered over the NBN. The Communications Minister stated, that no matter who was the responsible party, the complaints figures were too high. “The current model for protecting consumers needs reform”. For more information, and discussion on this, we direct you here:

Amazon has introduced “Alexa Blueprints”, which allows Alexa users to create personalised skills and/or responses without any code at all. Users pick the template of their choice from an extensive list, then pick follow the simple on screen instructions to customise and create the skill. You can try it for yourself at, or read TechCrunch’s article on the subject here:

And finally, watch our on site endurance test and commentary on the Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme 7212, hosted by the brilliant Andrew Yager of Real World.

Thanks for reading our debut issue of This Week in Tech. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Issue #2 will be out same time next week.

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