Office 2019 Beta is out

We’ve been a bit quiet when it comes to providing updates – but it’s just a reflection of how busy the last few weeks have been! But one of the new things that’s been announced is the public beta of Office 2019 through the Office Insider program.

Microsoft makes versions of their new products available to trial before they are publicly released as part of their Office Insider release cycle.

So what’s new? Well that depends. If you are an Office 365 user… not much. Most of the features that are being released in Office 2019 are in fact already part of Office 365. If you are not using Office 365, then you might benefit from the new features in Excel, enhancements to PowerPoint presentations and improved Ink integration for touch based devices.

The Office 2019 preview isn’t available for Mac yet, but this should be released in the next “few months”. You can find out more from the Office Insider page on Microsoft’s website and register on the Microsoft Collaborate Website.

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