Windows 7 End of Support – 14th Jan 2020

Microsoft Discontinued support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 on the 14th January, just over 10 years since it was first released. Here’s what you need to know.

Will my computer running Windows 7 stop working?

No, your computer will continue to work. End of Support means that Microsoft will no longer provide code or security updates. This leaves you vulnerable to viruses, malware, hackers and other threats.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Yes. Windows 10 has many benefits over Windows 7; including being faster, easier to use, and better security and updating processes. In most cases the best thing to do is to replace your computer with a new Windows 10 based machine.

In some cases, you may have an upgrade license for Windows 10 included with your Windows 7 machine, but it’s worth remembering that while Windows 10 is more highly optimised than Windows 7, Windows 10 is designed for the current generation of hardware, and so will often appear sluggish and slow on older generation machines.

If you want to buy Windows 10 outright, Windows 10 Pro will set you back around $400, and Windows 10 Home will set you back around $249.

Can I transfer my files to my new computer?

Yes. In most cases we can help you with a seamless migration of your files and data between your Windows 7 and Windows 10 computer. As part of planning for the upgrade, we also recommend checking to make sure all the applications you use are ready and compatible with Windows 10.

My server is running SBS 2008. What do I do?

If you’re running SBS 2008, SBS 2011 or Windows 2008, your business and data are at risk. You should urgently look at upgrading to a newer hardware and software platform, possibly using Microsoft or Google’s cloud products for your email hosting. Have a chat with us about the best solution for your business. Upgrades are usually pain-free and easy for your team and offer a whole host of other business benefits.

I’m ready. How do we move?

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