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6 months free mobile backup

With your staff team working from home, it’s never been more critical to keep your office well connected. While many services and resources have moved to the cloud, not everything can make that transition.

And that’s why we’re offering 6 months free Mobile Backup on all new Ethernet Access services connected through Real World until December 2020. With unlimited data at up to 10Mbps and automatic failover, this is an ideal way to provide seamless continuity for your business. Even better – the Mobile Backup is powered by the Telstra Mobile network, providing unparalleled coverage Australia Wide.

There is no additional charge to set up Mobile Backup — just the usual Ethernet Access costs, and a monthly charge for the mobile backup at a fixed speed with unlimited data.

In the event that your primary fibre service is unavailable, mobile backup will automatically switch in, keeping you online.

Mobile Backup is delivered at the same time as the Ethernet Access service, and raises the service level guarantee to 99.95%!

To find out if you qualify and to obtain a quote, just fill in the form below:

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