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Making Voicemail even better

Voicemail is one of those things. We’d probably rather not have to have it – but there are times when we just need a message taken.

We’ve enhanced the CloudPBX voicemail system with some nice new features.

Starting today, voicemail messages now are sent in MP3 format instead of WAV, which means they can be listened to on a wider range of devices more easily.

We’ve also partnered with Microsoft to introduce Speech to Text, giving you an easy way to get the key details from a message. These appear in the new-look message body, making it even easier for you to pick up any details from a missed call. This feature is available at no charge for all CloudPBX users!

The new look emails will come from CloudPBX with all of the same information you were used to before. Not using Voicemail to Email at the moment and want to? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you out!

Thew New format CloudPBX Voicemail Emails

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