A lot is happening…

We’ve been a bit quiet on our blog for the last couple of weeks, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes, and we wanted to share a bit about it.

CloudPBX interface improvements

We’ve been focussing on usability on our CloudPBX web interface. It has never been perfect, but the little changes we’ve been implementing make it easier to search and access content, manage multiple tenancies, and make use of standard features that previously required complex setup by our team.

We’ve also managed to identify two long standing issues that caused very rare but annoying software bugs, and have implemented fixes for them both, meaning CloudPBX is more stable than ever.

Audio Handling

It’s always been frustrating to need to convert your audio files to a different format before uploading to CloudPBX. We now convert most common formats on upload, meaning you can spend more time creating and less time engineering and solving problems.

New Mobile Apps

We’ve finished testing our updated mobile apps for CloudPBX and have released these into the wild. The Android version was released last week, and the iOS version has been released today!

QLog – Better Reporting

We’ve been running an internal demo of our QLog Queue Analysis engine, as well as our updated Reception Dashboard. Both of these features will be available shortly for any customers on our CloudPBX Flexi or CloudPBX Complete packages, and provide helpful statistics and reporting for users. And yes, we need a better name!

New Customer Portal

We’re really excited about our new customer portal which is coming soon. Providing real-time access to service data, billing information and service management, it will put more power into our customers hands than ever before. We’ll be releasing a beta version to some customers in the next few weeks once we iron out a couple of the last kinks.

Better SIP Trunking and Routing Management

In line with the updates to CloudPBX, we’ve also been making some updates to our call routing platform, number porting engine and internals around that, as we prepare to migrate to our new routing product later this year. On the plus side, this means our Customer Portal will provide access to some common functionality requests that previously required you to create a helpdesk feature to implement such as number format changes (0NMSN or E164) or exchange based diversions.

Improved Wholesale Channels

We’ve made some big improvements to the way that wholesale customers interact with us, particularly for number porting and CloudPBX tenancies. We now offer near-instant provisioning of new tenancies, and a much more automated process for number porting than we previous provided. Wholesale customers also have the option to access substantially reduced rates in return for agreeing to certain volumes, and responsibilities around support and customer management.

Improved Number Porting API

We’re beta testing our improved number porting API. If you’d like to test this please let us know!

There’s lots more happening too, but these are just some of the main ones.

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