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Changes to regulation on Voice Services

In a battle to combat SPAM and Scam calls, ACMA has advised that they will be introducing a new Industry Code to help reduce SPAM and Scam calls.

We are writing to let you know about some important regulatory changes that require your attention. These changes create obligations for Carriers and Carriage Service Providers (C/CSPs) to help reduce scam calls in Australia.

All C/CSPs, including Real World, will be required to take active steps to reduce scam calls by putting a framework in place to monitor, block and report scam calls and to share information with other C/CSPs to reduce scam calls.

These obligations are set out in the Communications Alliance (CA) publication CA C661:2020 Reducing Scam Calls Industry Code (Code). You can find a draft copy of the Code here. There is also an industry guideline to assist C/CSPs to implement the Code, CA G664:2020 Reducing Scam Calls – Supplementary Information Industry Guideline (Supplementary Information), which you can obtain by contacting CA.

We recommend you take the time to understand your C/CSP obligations and seek independent legal advice about how these changes may affect you or your business. The obligations will be enforced by the industry regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and are expected to come into effect in October 2020.

How will the changes affect me?
The changes may affect how you use our SIP trunking or CloudPBX Products.

Importantly, as a C/CSP, when you make an outbound call on our network using our Voice products, you will need to comply with the Calling Line Identification (CLI) validation obligations of the Code and:

  • Present the correct A-party CLI using the numbers we have assigned to you or you have ported to us
  • Not present any 13/1300/1800 numbers.

If you are a C/CSP that uses our SIP trunking products you must present the correct CLI whether it is a number Real World has allocated to you or a number you have purchased directly from ACMA or another provider, and ensure you comply with the obligations under the Code.

How will the changes affect my customers?
The changes may affect your customers as Real World, and other C/CSPs, will soon be required to block outbound calls presenting an incorrect or unknown CLI or presenting 13/1300/1800 numbers on their respective networks.

What changes is Real World making?
Real World, as a C/CSP, will comply with the obligations under the Code and will:

  • Block suspected scam calls from originating C/CSPs that do not meet the CLI validation requirements of the Code
  • Not send inbound international calls from originating C/CSPs that do not meet the CLI validation requirements of the Code
  • Monitor our network to identify any originating C/CSPs suspected of scam calls
  • Report any suspected scam calls to other C/CSPs and ACMA
  • Share scam call data with other C/CSPs across the industry to help reduce scam calls.

We will also be reviewing and updating our Real World Voice product information, our Voice product contract documents and operational processes to ensure we comply with the regulatory changes.

Where to get more information
For more information, please contact any of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you.

To report a scam call, please go to Scamwatch, a division of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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