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.au domains available tomorrow

Do you ever tire of typing “”, “” or “” on the end of your website addresses? Do you think is more accessibly than Even if you don’t, it’s important to understand that the .au domain space is opening up tomorrow.

The change mans that businesses and organisations can register their business name directly in “.au” rather than under “” or “”, allowing for some shorter and more accessible domain names.

Any Australian organisation with a “”, “”, “”, “” has had their “domain reserved” until the 24th September 2022; so you have six months in which to register your domain. After this time, normal domain selection rules from auDA will apply.

If you are aware you only have one of your “” or “” domains it’s important you register these immediately when registrations become available tomorrow to ensure you have access to your preferred domain. Priority allocation is done according to the priority catalog.

Owning your “.au” domain helps prevent brand confusion, and ensures that your customers can find you within the Australian domain space.

Real World is helping our customers with managed .au domain hosting from $11 per year inclusive of GST.

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