Connect with Konnect

We’re so excited to launch the beta of our Konnect portal.

Konnect makes it simple for you to manage your services with Real World.

We’ve exposed the tools our customers ask us for, and more. But words are one thing – and a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s get to showing what’s new!

Getting in

You connect to Konnect with your “CAT” account credentials. Our team will be happy to help you with your credentials if you don’t know them.

Each time you log into the portal, it will synchronise your current service list. At the moment you can manage your CloudPBX Services, NBN Services and SIP Trunk Services.

NBN Services

Your NBN Services are displayed in a list. If you browse into a service, you’ll see a number of useful pieces of information including service usage for the last month, service access details, speed, address and configuration details.

The Service Test performs a number of NBN service tests which is useful in diagnosing faults and problems with a service. The test results are visible. You can also see authentication details and whether you are presenting the correct username and password.

CloudPBX and SIP Trunk Services

We’re progressively rolling visibility of CloudPBX and SIP Trunk services in the portal. Today, you can see the numbers allocated to a tenancy or trunk.

But perhaps most exciting thing is the ability to manage temporary diversions on numbers directly from within this portal. For businesses that are forced to pivot quickly as a result of COVID changes or other business circumstances, this provides a way to simply divert their numbers to a new number.

If you would like to divert a single number within a range, you’ll still need to open a ticket with our Helpdesk. We’ll happily split your range up for you to allow you to make these changes.

Bugs, Updates and Features

We’ve been working on Konnect for some time, and we’re really excited about the features we’re able to roll out today. We’ll keep rolling out new features, service management options, qualification, and billing options over the coming weeks and months. We’re also expecting that we may find some bugs or issues along the way – so if you notice something that isn’t working right, please reach out to our team!

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