Stay in touch during lockdown

We know that the changes to stay-at-home-orders and lockdown restrictions across Australia are resulting in many businesses changing the way they work again.

We’re really please to announce that we’ve launched new features into our CloudPBX and SIP Routing products to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your customers.

Simpler Diversions

We’ve added the ability to schedule “carrier level” diversions. This means that we can program a schedule for diversions for all your numbers regardless of whether you are using CloudPBX or a SIP Trunk. These diversions provide transparent Caller ID forwarding and are ideal if you have a low volume of calls you want to forward to a staff members mobile while they work from home.

As these no longer require engineer interaction to disable, we can set up multiple schedules at once or organise for these to take place at regular intervals.

This functionality has been available within CloudPBX, but has required more complex setup and operation utilising the Scheduled Route feature.

CloudPBX Enhancements

Our CloudPBX customers can now benefit from a streamlined CloudPBX Desktop setup experience, making it much easier to relocate staff to home using a laptop or home PC to make and receive calls. CloudPBX Desktop can be set up like most office desk phones, and includes functionality such as BLFs and status visibility with other CloudPBX Desktop users.

If you need to enable existing or new users to work from home, get in touch and we can quickly set you up with remote call answering solutions to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape.

We’re also pleased to announce that we have made a number of significant scale improvements to our CloudPBX platform, and have increased the system capacity by over 700% in the last two weeks. We’re really excited about these changes and improvements and the future opportunities it opens for our customers.

On-site and remote work during stay-at-home orders

While Real World is endeavouring to complete all work remotely, we recognise that some times we will still need to organise site visits. In these cases we are pleased to work with our customers to prepare COVID Safe work plans that meet with the current requirements imposed by various health jurisdictions.

We’ll keep out status page with updates of the stay at home orders on our operations.

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