Changes at Oxygen Networks

It is with great sadness that I am announcing that Paul Julian has left the Real World Group team. When we started on this journey in November last year, we didn’t see this as the end. We are very sad to see him go.

Dylan, Brayden and Bob continue to remain the powerhouse of Oxygen Networks and are focused on delivering the same consistent customer service and technical solutions that they have been.

Post Oxygen, we are excited that Paul will be focusing on (one of) his other passions, the Building Connect business. He has already been working in this area, and is focused on the delivery of high quality, business-grade internet services around Sydney in areas left behind by nbn co. Oxygen Networks (and the Real World Group) will continue to have a strong relationship with Building Connect. We believe that our partnership brings great value to our customers, and we will continue to recommend and support Building Connect services.

All of this said, Paul has not gone far, and we have already worked hard to ensure that any projects that he has been working on have been transitioned – initially to Dylan, Bob and Brayden.

Change is always hard, but we remain committed to delivering the same high quality customer service you’ve been receiving for the past 16 years. Many of Oxygen’s customers have already benefited from being part of a larger family, and we are committed to working together to deliver an even higher quality of service, technical expertise and advice. If you do have any specific concerns, please feel free to contact Dylan Friedewald (dylan [ _at_ ] or myself directly.

If you would like to contact Paul directly to say thanks and goodbye, please feel free to do so through his Building Connect email address – paul [ _at_ ]

We look forward to continuing work closely with you!

Thanks again,

Andrew Yager
CEO, Real World Group

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