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We’re busy adding new features to CloudPBX and CloudPBX mobile. This update gives you a preview of what’s coming soon. If you’ve got questions about our upcoming release, or if you want to test out any features we’d love to chat to you!

Easier setup for CloudPBX Mobile

One of the big things we’re excited about is our upcoming changes to how CloudPBX mobile is set up. One of the biggest points of feedback we’ve received is that the mobile app is difficult to on-board users with. To simplify this, we’re moving to a simplified QR-Code based provisioning process.

Admin’s will be able to activate an account for CloudPBX, which will trigger an email with a barcode that can be scanned from the app. Reseller’s will be able to white-label these emails with their own logo in a future update.

If a user has multiple accounts across multiple virtual phone systems (CloudPBX tenants), they will be able to simply add the accounts and the application will automatically make the new ones visible the next time CloudPBX Mobile it is launched.

This new feature will be available to everyone in mid September. If you are interested in beta testing, you can contact us now and we can sign you up for the development preview.

Better statistics

It’s always good to know when you are busy, and how many calls your team are taking. It can help you plan staff rosters, calendars, meeting schedules and more. We’ve added new reporting dashboards to the home page on the CloudPBX app showing lots of useful information.

Internally, we’ve been able to identify our own busiest windows and restructured our staff schedules to ensure our team are available at the times when we have the highest volume of calls. This was really useful and will help our customers have a better experience moving forwards.

We’re really excited about this change, and can’t wait to hear from customers about how they are using it.

Management Dashboard

Coupled with better statistics is our upcoming weekly “management dashboard” email. The management dashboard email will provide businesses with a weekly snapshot in their inbox of the last week of their business. They’ll be able to see the number of calls on each day for the last month, the busiest time of day, and the most busy users at a glance.

Our dashboard emails are due to be released in October. If you’re interested in beta testing, or have information you’d like to see please let us know!

Desktop Client

We’re excited about our upcoming launch of our desktop soft phone. Based on Counterpath’s proven voice client, our desktop soft phone is easy to use and built for CloudPBX. Licenses will start from $30 per user per year – a fraction of the cost of a desk phone. Coupled with a Jabra or Poly headset this is the perfect way to bring your mobile staff into your business, or upgrade your call centre.

Call Parking

For years call parking has been a poor cousin in our system; but no longer. Call Parking is now a supported first-rate citizen, with key-system style behaviour across our full range of clients.

SMS Broadcast

We now support outbound (broadcast) SMS from CloudPBX mobile or any IP phone or mobile client that supports SIP SIMPLE messaging. Messaging can be between handsets, or externally to any valid Australian mobile number. Two way communication with mobile numbers isn’t quite supported yet, but we’re working on that for the future.

Squashing some bugs

We’ve squashed a huge number of performance related bugs that have been hanging around in the web interface, as well as some call processing logic issues. Ultimately more things do what you expect them to do, when you expect them to do it.

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