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We’re excited to announce that our latest feature release for CloudPBX includes some major improvements to reporting and data analytics. These changes help you understand how your staff and customers use your phone system, understand how people are calling you, and gain valuable business insights.

New Dashboard

The first improvement is on the home page, with new statistics on inbound calls and call concurrency. Call statistics are broken up by inbound number and outbound. This allows you to see which of your inbound numbers receive calls at which times of the day.

You could use this information to understand the success of a marketing campaign or gain a better understanding of your busy times. To take advantage of the new inbound reporting (rather than having all calls grouped under “Unknown Inbound” or “Outbound” you simply need to edit and save your inbound route. All calls from then on will be tagged with the inbound number.

It’s also helpful to know which of your staff are making and receiving calls when. Do most of your calls go to one person? Do call patterns match your understanding of how busy people are? The Extension call history shows you the pattern of calling by user. You can toggle individual extensions on and off, and zoom into a specific time period to get more detail.

Call Detail Records

We’ve always had the ability to view call detail records from within CloudPBX, but the data has been relatively unworkable.

We’ve introduced a new CDR view that provides a much improved view of call data. The new view provides a simple searchable interface and export options for call records.

Even better is the ability to navigate through all the related events for a call. This is really useful for understanding who actually answered your inbound calls, or for understanding better information about how calls behaved in call a call queue.

In this example we can see that we received a call to our support number (02 9037 0500) that triggered 13 related events. These are ringing multiple support agents. We can filter the view to see that it was answered by extension 1047, and they spoke for 10 minutes and 23 seconds with the caller.

Export your CDR data in a range of common and flexible formats.

Suppose you want to do more with this data. No problems! We’ve got a range of flexible export options to most common formats so you can do more analysis or data mining.

Behind the scenes, all of the data being presented in the industry standard JSON format to the interface. If you have custom requirements to integrate the data available into external systems please contact us.

CRM Integration

What could be better than knowing who your customers are before they call? We’ve recently added support for CRM lookups based on inbound caller ID. We have some preliminary connectors for Xero and Zendesk.

When a call comes into your system, we will perform a lookup based on the data, and put the company name or contact name into the Caller ID display. The API will provide you with the inbound number being called (which is helpful if you have multiple systems that should be queried based on who is calling, or if you want to keep logs of calls in external systems), a unique identifier for the call, and the caller ID presented.

We’re internally using this functionality, combined with SMS integration to offer a much improved customer support experience.

What’s even better is that with this information, you can now search the new CDR interface to locate a specific call received from a customer by name.

Need Detailed Reports?

Our new CDR Statistics package provides more options to drill down and provide reports based on your PBX environment. This option provides a lot of detailed information and is suited towards customers with bespoke reporting requirements.

How much does it cost?

The improved reporting dashboard and CDR data is available to all customers for no additional charge. The CRM Integration requires a one-time setup. Usually the cost is between $50 and $250, but will depend on your CRM system. The Reporting Package is customised to your needs. Give us a call to chat about your options!

Got an idea for other data you would like to see?

If you have ideas for other data you’d like to see in reports, or have thoughts on new ways to present the data, we’d love to hear from you. We’re already working on options to provide longer timescales of data and meaningful reports based on useful segmentation. Feel free to send us an email with any new suggestions!

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