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How do you get started with Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a complex and often frustrating topic laden with complex technical terms and information. But for most organisations, Cyber Security starts with sensible, simple policies and decisions.

In conjunction with Neil Bull for Anglican Risk and Insurance Services (AIRS), Andrew Yager is presenting a series of webinars on how organisations can get started with Cyber Security. The series of 10 webinars runs over 2 weeks, with each webinar running twice and providing helpful tips and conversation for a range of organisations in the SME/NFP/Religious sectors.

Cyber Security for Churches
Tuesday 8 March 10:30am
Wednesday 16 March 1:30pm

Cyber Security for Fund Raising Organisations
Tuesday 8 March 1:30pm
Wednesday 16 March 10:30am

Cyber Security for Social Impact Charities
Wednesday 9 March 10:30am
Thursday 17 March 1:30pm

Cyber Security for Aged Care
Wednesday 9 March 1:30pm
Tuesday 15 March 10:30am

Cyber Security for Small Business
Thursday 10 March 10:30am
Tuesday 15 March 1:30pm

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