Introducing our Basic Business Bundles

Sometimes you need a little more speed to get things done, and you don’t need all the service assurance that comes with Real World’s Business Bundles.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Basic Business Bundles, available to customers who are connected to the FTTP nbn™ network across Australia. With speeds from 250Mbps down and 100Mbps up from only $209 per month, we know that you’ll be flying in no time.

You’ll still get our Australian based support, friendly service, static IP address, and all of the other benefits of being a Real World customer. Several of our staff are even certified nbn™ Business Advisors!

Want to get connected or find out more? Tell us what you need below, and we’ll get you started!

These plans are only available to business users with an ABN. The minimum contract term is 12 months, and the minimum charge for 12 months is $2508 excluding GST.

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