Real World continues support for EUCMS Inc

The arts are central to our expression of who we are; and art that works to support those who are in need and vulnerable is something special. We’re incredibly proud to be supporting EUCMS Inc’s current production of Little Women – The Broadway Musical.

With a sold-out season, EUCMS wanted to provide continued reach of the show to their patrons both locally and globally. With additional restrictions on performances due to the ongoing COVID surge, live streaming presented a unique possibility to extend the access and reach of their performances, provide an additional revenue stream, and continue to provide connection to the wider community.

Real World’s Global Network, Technical production expertise and Solutions development allowed our team to develop a custom streaming solution that addressed the complex needs of reliability, availability and licensing restrictions attached to the content.

Utilising our Vimeo Streaming Platform, a custom Access System we were able to provide a flexible continuous delivery solution providing easy access to streams 24×7 during the show period.

At the shows, EUCMS is leveraging our Allen & Heath dLive system for production audio, combined with our Sennheiser Wireless Mics to allow the cast to be heard. Using Que Audio headsets and DPA 6061 capsules, we are able to deliver a discreet, low-profile microphone system. Wireless Microphones are monitored using Wavetool. Our AKG and DPA microphones provide acoustic ambiance from additional cast and audience feedback – an essential part of every stream. Fold back is provided to the show pianist using our A&H ME-1 system. Audio reinforcement has been delivered in partnership with GuzBox Design+Audio. Our audio team is led by Michael Clewes.

Video is captured using our BlackMagic Studio and Cinema cameras and mixed live on our BlackMagic ATEM system. Additional video content is fed by QLab, and includes a range of complex routing. DMX integration is provided using an ETC Mosaic controller courtesy of Simple Motion.

With a distributed network utilising Dante, Control and remote access, our team were able to quickly and rapidly deploy our solution, rehearse and stream.

During shows, live streams are supported by our versatile Mobile Rack platform, leveraging both the Telstra and Optus mobile networks to ensure maximum reliability for the live streams.

Tickets are available to EUCMS Little Women’s online stream for $10 from

For more information about how Real World can support your event with reliable solutions, contact us!

Photos by Josh Wilson and Andrew Yager, courtesy of EUCMS Inc.

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